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Rosenfeld Gallery 
Curated by Maya frenkel Tene 
Photographer: Daniel Hanoch

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כיכר המאמינים Gullible square _Noy & Tam
installation view, Previously_Noy & Tamir_2024_Photo by Daniel Hanoch.jpg
Tourist No. 5,6 תייר מס. 6,5_Noy & Tamir_2024_Photos by Daniel Hanoch.jpg
Quest no. 1 _Noy & Tamir_2024_Photos by Daniel Hanoch_.jpg
Quest no_edited.jpg
M16 _Noy & Tamir_2024_Photos by Daniel Hanoch.png
פרש מס. 4 horseman no. 4_Noy & Tamir_2023_Photos by Daniel Hanoch_.jpg
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