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Rosenfeld Gallery 
Curated by Maya frenkel Tene 
Photographer: Elad Sarig

With 23 handmade ceramic tiles, this work forms a unified relief depicting a grotesque, violent, sexual, and male-dominated world in constant struggle, with a central scene portraying a ludicrous courthouse. It was created during our active participation in intense demonstrations against the judicial reform in Israel, which infiltrated our lives, studio, and the relief itself. Contrary to the work's name, medieval and Inquisition art inspired our work, hinting at a state of cultural regression.

Days before the exhibition, Noy's violent arrest at a demonstration led to a shocking trial, ending in prompt release with the judge criticizing police actions. Stunned, our ongoing artwork unexpectedly mirrored this event. Presenting the court protocol beside the relief, the exhibition showcased two absurd court stories — a fantasy and a real one.

Noy And Tamir_WEB.jpg
Noy And Tamir_00dd5.jpg
Noy And Tamir_04.jpg
Noy And Tamir_04_edited.jpg
Noy And Tamir_01.jpg
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